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  • How many wefts come in one package of EURONEXT Clip-In Extensions?
    The package includes 10 EURONEXT™ extension pieces total. One 8” weft One 7" weft One 6" weft One 5 ¾” weft Four 1 ½” weft Two 1” color-test weft (no snap clips pre-attached) Extra snap clips are provided in each package of hair. The clips may be sewn onto the 1” pieces and used along with the longer weft pieces.
  • What kind of clips do EURONEXT™ extensions use?
    EURONEXT™ Clip-In Extensions are secured to your hair by a series of snap clips. The snap clips are sewn to wefts of EURONEXT™ 100% Premium Remy Human Hair, thus creating a quick and easy way to add beautiful length and volume to your own hair. Practice opening and closing snap clips to get familiar with the amount of pressure needed to operate snap clips. Snap clips open and close when pressure is applied to the center.
  • How short or long does my hair have to be to wear EURONEXT™ extensions?
    It depends on whether you want to add volume or length (or both) to your hair. For seamless blending of EURONEXT™ extensions with your natural hair, it is recommended that your hair should be at least 6” long.
  • How do I find the right color and length to match my hair?
    Color: Our color chart can help you match your color. There are also color-test wefts included in the package when you purchase EURONEXT™ Clip-In Extensions, which salon professionals can use to test colors before dyeing your extensions. Length: EURONEXT™ offers 14” and 18” lengths. With the right type of layers, both lengths can seamlessly blend with your hair. You may want to seek professional help for correct layering techniques for flawless blending. You should choose your length based on what kind of style you desire. Tip: If you have shorter hair with little to no layers, the 14” extensions may be easier to blend with your hair, but with correct layering and styling, the 18” will blend as well.
  • How long does it typically take to clip EURONEXT™ extensions into my hair?
    EURONEXT™ extensions can be attached to your hair in a matter of minutes. Click here to learn more.
  • What is Premium Remy Hair?
    Premium Remy Hair is some of the highest grade human hair available. Extra attention and care is exercised during the entire chemical and manufacturing process. Such extra attention greatly reduces tangles and further mimics natural hair flow and movement. Premium Remy Hair enhances your human hair extension experience. EURONEXT™ ensures that higher grades of human hair are used to create some of the most beautiful clip-in extensions available today.
  • What are clip-in hair extensions?
    Clip-in hair extensions are weft(s) of hair that can be easily attached to your real hair to temporarily add length, volume, or color to your hair. The weft(s) of hair is attached to small clips that allow you to simply clip the pieces to your own hair.
  • What should I look for when buying hair extensions?
    There are several components to consider before purchasing hair extensions. Some of which include the price, quality, and convenience. EURONEXT™ Clip-In Extensions offer quality and convenience, at a reasonable price. Quality: Made from 100% Premium Remy Human Hair Convenience: Pre-attached snap clips on various widths allow you to easily attach extensions where you need them. Longevity: 3-12 months!
  • What kind of human hair are EURONEXT™ extensions made from?
    EURONEXT™ Clip-In Extensions are made from 100% Premium Remy Human Hair.
  • Where can I buy Euronext Extensions?
    Online, through our website. Check out our Shop for details.
  • How do I wash my EURONEXT™ Clip-In Extensions?
    Never wash your EURONEXT™ extensions while clipped in your hair. A clean sink and salon-quality shampoo and conditioner are all that you need to wash your extensions. A deep conditioning treatment may also be used to maintain health and shine. After your extensions have been carefully washed, lay them flat on a clean towel to air-dry. Click here to learn more.
  • Can I sleep or swim with the EURONEXT™ extensions on?
    It is not recommended for you to sleep or swim with the extensions on. Excessive tangling and harmful chemicals may change the feel and luster, as well as shorten the life of your EURONEXT™ extensions.
  • Can I blow-dry EURONEXT™ extensions?
    We recommend air-drying your extensions, but if blow-drying is needed, using the cool feature will keep your extensions healthy and strong.
  • What kind of styling products can I use on EURONEXT™ extensions?
    Salon-quality styling products that protect, repair, hydrate or condition your hair will promote healthy extensions. However, hair products should be used sparingly to prevent buildup on the extensions.
  • Can I curl or straighten my EURONEXT™ extensions?
    Yes, you can curl or straighten your EURONEXT™ extensions. If you choose to use a heat tool, adjust the setting to low to help keep the hair looking healthy. Using steam or dry rollers will ensure longer-lasting extensions because they cause less stress to the hair than other heat tools.
  • How should I brush EURONEXT™ extensions?
    Using a wide-toothed comb, gently brush through your EURONEXT™ extensions to remove tangles. Do not tug or pull tangles excessively or you may experience breakage. Wefts with excessive tangling may require a detangling solution or a deep conditioner
  • How long do EURONEXT™ extensions last?
    The life of your EURONEXT™ Clip-In Extensions will depend on how often you use them and how well you care for and maintain them. They may last anywhere from 3 months up to a year with proper care and maintenance.
  • Can I dye or color EURONEXT™ extensions?
    All chemical processing should only be attempted by a salon professional. Supply your salon professional with the 1” test wefts that do not have the pre-attached snap clips to test the viability of any color or perm treatments.
  • Is shedding normal?
    When you first receive your EURONEXT™ extensions, you may experience some shedding. It is normal for the hair on your extensions to shed, especially for the first few wears. Because the hair is attached to wefts, some fall-out will occur over the life of your extensions. However, with proper care and maintenance, the shedding can be kept minimal.
  • How often should I wash EURONEXT™ extensions?
    Your EURONEXT™ Clip-In Extensions should typically be washed every other week. However, more frequent washing may be needed depending on the amount of styling products and sweat buildup you have.
  • How should I store EURONEXT™ extensions?
    Store completely dry hair in a storage box and in a dry place. If you prefer to wear your extensions curled, storing your extensions pre-curled may save you time once you’re ready to wear them.
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