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Welcome to the official Euronext shop online, the only place where you can find the entire Euronext hair collection in one place. We are excited to offer you an ever-expanding suite of hair products designed to elevate hairstyling to its next level. Follow along as our brand evolution continues to include the latest industry trends, techniques, and technology. ​

Gorgeous models wearing our remy hair extensions.

Our Origin Story

Euronext is a premium hair brand based in Los Angeles, California. We launched in 2003 with a limited product line we were proud of. We kept things simple from the beginning and focused on consistent quality. The industry took notice and soon our products were available exclusively through select big-box and independent retail partners across the US. As the brand grew, so did the demand for direct consumer access to our complete lineup. We listened and in 2022, the Euronext online shop launched just for you, our valued customer. 

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